Language Support

In Falix Software v3.1.0, better language support was finally brought to the software. Now, in Falix Software v3.3.0, more languages have been added like German, Latvian, Portuguese, Bengali, and Russian. Arabic has also been translated in the software’s code, but this option to choose Arabic has been disabled for now, as it requires the software to read right to left. Currently, the right to left layout of the design layout is still being worked on. This may come in the future in a patch or minor update.

Push Notifications

Push notifications got an update in the last minor update, which was recently released this week, which has removed the old push service we used, known as Pushy. We stop using Pushy as the service was no longer pushing notifications to our clients who use Falix Software. In the meantime, we’re using the same method we use for our News tab.

System Tray

Falix Software now displays a new system tray, which can be access by clicking the Falix icon on your system tray. The menu displayed there will give you the option to open up a new window for either client or game panel, check for updates, and quickly check the uptime of Falix. This tray will remain there, even if you do close Falix Software. You can close it by pressing Ctrl Q either on the tray’s open menu or in Falix Software.


The settings now displays a sidebar for easily navigation in the Settings page, separating everything in categories. The about area now displays the package version and license, and will also display all packages if you’re in developer mode.