Quick Name Change

It has been renamed “FalixNodes Desktop” in place of “FalixNodes Software.” The purpose of this statement is to clarify that when you refer to this application, you are referring to a “desktop” software program rather than the software that runs FalixNodes and its associated websites.

News Tab Update

The News page has been completely redesigned and renamed “Blog Posts,” with a bookmark icon swap.

When you click on a blog post, the post will now side into view, allowing you to read posts right from FalixNodes Desktop. By selecting the back arrow icon located next to the Blog Posts tab, you will be able to leave the page. We deleted all occurrences of the command-line parameter “openExternal” from the FalixNodes Desktop source code in order to prevent users from opening their web browsers while using the application. Providing users with the ability to perform anything from the desktop applications.

New Splash

The splash screen has been completely overhauled, and it now serves a new function when the program is first opened. The old design included a small square-shaped window with our logo smack dab in the center, as well as a swirling abstract theme in the background. We have reduced the page to a narrow window with our logo on the left side and data on the right side.

A new checklist is the new function that the splash window will complete upon startup. Before displaying the main window of FalixNodes Desktop, this checklist will check a few parameters:

There are plans to broaden the scope of the checklist’s rules and processes in order to provide a more satisfactory FalixNodes Desktop experience.

Platform Check

Yes, we are aware that there have been some interface issues while using FalixNodes Desktop on your preferred operating system. When using macOS, for example, the tab controls were positioned too high and were not aligned properly with the active tab.

In order to accommodate different operating systems, some user interface components will now be reconfigured.

The addition of a small detail has been made in order to better enhance other areas of the program. On macOS, the traffic signal buttons are now aligned with the tabs, which is a tiny but significant improvement. Along with other details.

Other Changes

In the course of developing version 3.5.0, we discovered that it is now possible to apply complete transparency to a webview in Electron 16, although this was previously not feasible in earlier versions of Electron. As a result, a few designs by coincidence came into play, with backdrop transparency applied to the majority of tabs, including the client panel, gaming panel, blog entries, and others.

On the developer side of things, there are also intentions to increase the efficiency of update deployment.