Guide On How To Use Databases

What Are Databases?

Databases are an organized collection of information. The database our panel supports is MariaDB. MariaDB is a very popular open source database which was developed by the original MySQL developers.

What Are Databases Useful For?

Some server plugins, bots, or systems may require a database to store information. Minecraft plugins will usually state whether they need/support an SQL database.

Getting Started

Step 1: Creating The Database

  1. Go to the Game Panel.
  2. Click on your server.
  3. Click on “Databases”.
  4. Click on “New Database”, it should be a big blue button at the bottom right of the page. image
  5. You should see a popup appear, enter in any name you like in the “Database Name” field.
  6. For the second field you can enter in the node’s IP, or leave it as %.
  7. Once you have filled in the fields, click on “Create Database”. image
  8. Your database should be created, click on the eye icon to view your database credentials.

Step 2: Viewing And Editing The Contents Of Your Database

  1. Click on the eye icon.
  2. Use the username and password given to login into PHPMyAdmin.