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User Agreement

Last Updated on 9th November 2022



Welcome to FalixNodes, and thank you for using our services (“FalixNodes” and “Falix”). By registering on our website you agree to our entire User Agreement listed below, which we, as a company, will strictly enforce, and you, as a user, will respect our terms. We highly recommend that you take the time to check everything out.

At the time you register, you agree that you are 13 years of age or older, and that you agree to our Privacy Policy, and of course, with our User Agreement. If you, as a user, do not accept our terms, do not register on our website, if you do not accept our terms after registration, you have the right to delete all your collected data from our services.

We have all rights to suspend, terminate, delete, and reset your account if you do not follow our User Agreement, including our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Refund Policy, such agreement includes, but is not limited to: your data, your servers and services you paid for after due refund period. We also have all right to suspend, terminate, delete, and reset your account under any circumstances we consider necessary. According to our Refund Policy, we will return any paid amount by you within our active refund period, spent on our paid services.

Laws reinforcement

If any law in your country does not agree with the distribution of our services, you will not have access to our services. In case any law reinforces the need for the user to have a different age than the one required globally by us, this law will be the one obeyed by our services in your country. If you do not respect or violate your country’s system for our services, we have the right to take appropriate action for violation of the User Agreement.

Policy and Agreement changes or updates

We have full right to update our User Agreement, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Refund Policy at any time. We will alert our users of any such changes by notifications within our services, or in our support Discord server. Any changes made to our policies will take effect on our services within 24 hours of being updated.

Falix/FalixNodes Account management

Upon creating your account, also by using any means of authentication available through our services, you agree that:

Servers and Services made by you

After creating your services or servers on our systems, you agree that:

Cancelling the service

Upon cancellation of your account by you, all your important data will be deleted in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If your account has any kind of payment to be approved, it will be refunded after contacting the support team. We give you a refund using the amount of days of your subscription compared to the unused days, you need request the refund through the support team without using other unofficial methods.

We will not have any means of return for the loss of your servers and services registered to your now deleted account. You must agree that any next account you create will be fully reset to the default.

Refund Policy and requests

You have the right to request for refund of any charges on our services within a validity period of 14 days after purchase. You can send reasons and suggestions in the refund request. Some services we provide will not be able to continue with a refund request, these being user-created servers/services configuration packages.

After the refund request resolved, any request after the purchase of the same service will be denied. All our requests may take up to 3 working days.

You are not allowed to chargeback or ask the refund in our Payment Gateways. You may contact us to resolve the situation properly. Any chargeback or Payment Gateways refund will terminate your account indefinitely until you pay the amount paid + 5 GBP fee.

Our methods of refund confirmation are: contacting us at [email protected], or by our official support team on Falix Forum.


All your services and servers created by you will be suspended after 30 days of inactivity from you on our Client Panel and you will be notified in your account indicated email address regarding the upcoming server deletion. After 15 days of suspension, your server will be deleted. You have the right to reset this count by logging back into your account from the Client Panel. In case your servers and services are deleted, we will not be responsible for the loss of files and backups.

Support for FalixNodes services

You agree that any support you receive from other users who are not our official support team is entirely subjective and does not represent our intentions, support, choices, changes or updates. You agree that also our official support team will not prioritize your support request, excluding only those that we consider of priority resolution.

We guarantee that personal information submitted to facilitate your support will not be made publicly available in any way, and that our team may request this information at any time. You as a user may terminate your support request at any time after it is created without any objections from us.

Downtime & Maintenance

Any downtime and maintenance periods must be publicly announced by us using either our Client panel or Discord server. Any kind of slowness, overloads, connection problems of our services are not required to be publicly published on our announcement channels or websites. Any refund requests that have passed the validity period available in the Refund Policy of our services malfunction or in maintenance will be denied.

Unmeasured Services

If your service provided by us indicates unmetered service, that means that you may freely expand your software limitation of the unmetered resource. Please note that we may introduce certain software limitation if we believe that the unmeasured service is used for out of scope purposes like storing big size files, backups, logs and other. Unmeasured services are still limited by our hardware limitations.

Copyright/Trademark/Original Notice

We are not affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang AB, Discord Inc or any company which owns their services or products which we provide hosting for. All brands and trademarks belong to their respective owners. Any support request about these services should be sent directly to our team, excluding only issues that we consider invalid and that are not related to our service in any way.

To host a Minecraft server, you must follow Minecraft EULA at the time of creation.

Our only affiliated names are FalixNodes and Falix. Any websites using our code, templates, panels and account systems has no relation with our services and should be reported directly to our support team. If you have any problems with websites listed as exemplified, we will not be responsible for loss of resources, experimenting of bugs, lack of support, and refund from these sources.


Agreement written below only applies to users who have signed up in Falix Forum.

By signing up for an account in Falix Forum](https://forum.falixnodes.net), you consent to not:

You also consent to:

Falix preserves its rights to:

By posting content in Falix Forum, you agree to withdrawal of your copyright protection for the posted content. However, please contact us at [email protected] if you want to remove your copyright work if you believe your rights has been infringed or you no longer wish to show your content to the public.

Falix does not take liability for posted content in Falix Forum. Responsability of content is being transferred to the post owner at the moment of posting.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you believe one of our users content are violation of law and/or our User Agreement.